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Top Stories by Juan Rivera

Now that VS.Php 2.7 is out, I'll like to share our progress with VS.Php for Visual Studio 2010. If you are currently participating on the VS2010 beta program, you can try VS.Php for Visual Studio 2010. Here is a screenshot of VS.Php running on Visual Studio 2010: There are a number of things broken but basic functionality is there. You can download the latest build here: vsphp_en_2010.exe read more ... (more)

VS.PHP 2.7 Adds Support For Silverlight Integration

We pleased to announce the release of VS.Php 2.7 for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005. This release introduces a number of new key features and enhacements of existing features. Silverlight One of the most exciting new features is Silverlight integration. With VS.Php 2.7, you can develop Silverlight applications and host them in your server side PHP application. VS.Php makes it easy to develop, debug and deploy these types of applications. read more ... (more)

Updated VS.Php 2.8

The latest VS.Php 2.8 fixes some key issues including: - Fix issues with Mysql and built-in web server - Fix a parsing issue with referenced functions or methods - Fix issue reading project settings - When using Silverlight, change the label in project properties to PHP/Silverlight debugging instead of PHP/JavaScrit debugging. - Don't commit on intellisense when you type \ I recommend everyone to move to this build available at: Thanks, Juan ... (more)

VS.Php 2.9 (beta) available

We are adding support for PHP 4, PHP 5.2 and continue the support for PHP 5.3 Instead of just be an update on VS.Php 2.8, we are going to release this functionality as a new version. Some httpd-template files may not work on VS.Php 2.9 since we are changing some parameters to allow two different versions of PHP 5 on the system. Aside from the support for three different runtimes in the built-in engine, we are adding support for CodeIgniter. We now include two project templates for Code Igniter, one with PHP 4 and one with PHP 5.2 read more ... (more)

Changes in smart indentation

I have made some improvements to the smart indentation feature in VS.Php. Smart indentation can be enabled here: I tried to address a number of issues with the previous version where things didn't align well. In many cases things don't align well if there are syntax errors so it is difficult to do it then. One of the things I do as I write code is Ctrl+K Ctrl+D, this will auto indent the entire document. You can also do Ctrl+K Ctrl+F if you want to auto indent selected text. read more ... (more)